1st Driving School

Welcome to 1st Driving School

You have nothing to lose with 1stDriving School. We know we provide top-quality driving education and the tools for you to succeed. That’s why we commit to offering you a guarantee unheard of in this industry.

As the parent of a New Driver, imagine being able to equip your child with the driving skills and road awareness that could ultimately save their life.


At 1st Driving School, our unique “Drive Safe For Life” Safe Driving System, will allow your child to learn how to be:

  • Safe
  • Responsible
  • Skilled
  • Proficient
  • Alert
  • Respectful

The last thing, you want, is your child ending up on the 6 o’clock news as another statistic in the frightening road toll for young drivers.

Your child will learn not just HOW to Drive Safely by second nature but how to THINK AHEAD on the road about traffic conditions, potential dangers, and accident/collision avoidance.

Our aim is:
“To be the best provider of Driver Education services by promoting Mindset and Awareness of Driver safety in a clean, friendly, and safe teaching environment with highly qualified staff”.


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