The perfect gift! Driving Lessons Gift Vouchers. Save $55!

Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers in Saint John

What is the perfect gift for anyone and every occasion? What is the best gift for your child or grandchild who’s in high school?

Sure! A voucher for driving lessons or a voucher for a Driver’s Ed Course!

Pay for any Individual Lessons package from the list using this link
or pay for the Driver’s Ed Course using this link…/ and we will send a beautiful voucher to the address you specified.

Those vouchers can be used at any convenient time for your student from January 1, 2023, to March 31, 2023!

Pay for your present now! Discounts on all packages and for Driver’s Ed Course are valid only until March 1, 2023! Take advantage of these one-time-per-year deal discounts!

Do you have questions or want to create your own personalized gift?

Contact our driving school here, via Facebook messenger, via email at or by phone at (877) 867-2817 and we will discuss your idea.