What to Expect on the New Driving Test

Based on the experience of qualified instructors, this article will explain in detail exactly what to expect on the driving test. By having a good understanding of what to expect, there shouldn’t be any nasty surprises on test day.

Day of the driving test
If you are with a driving instructor, they will usually pick you up around one hour before the test. This will give you a little time to warm up and get your driving skills up to scratch. If you are not with an instructor, take a drive around the test roads for 30 to 40 minutes to get yourself accustomed to the conditions.
Ensure you take with you your G1 licence. Without this, the examiner will terminate the driving test. Ideally, also take the road test booking details.

Certain driving test centres don’t have on-site parking, some are combined with other local business addresses and may be a little difficult to get into. There may be security gates that need clearance for example, so arrive at the test centre 15 minutes early to ensure you get parked up and in the waiting room in time.
Try not to arrive too early or you may be arriving as other test candidates are returning from the test. Blocking their access and generally getting in their way is not ideal. Try and find a parking position that will give you the easiest exit from the test centre. Many driving tests are failed simply by leaving the test centre.
When you exit your car, before heading off to the waiting room, familiarise yourself with how to exit the test centre. Is the test centre exit obscured in any way? Is there a pedestrian footpath before you reach the main road? Looking out for little things like this will give you a good and confident start.

Test centre waiting room
You have found yourself the best parking position to exit the test centre, familiarized yourself with the exit strategy, so it’s off to the waiting room. In the meantime, get your G1 licence at hand, as the examiner will need to see these.
Examiner will ask you if the address details on it are correct. If they are not, they will ask you to fill out the correct details on the back and sign it. They will then ask you to read and sign a declaration that confirms you are fully insured for the vehicle you will be driving.

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